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QR Menu & Customer Feedback

Quickly set up a visual QR Menu and capture the honest feedback needed to develop a passionate community around your food.

Free QR Menu

Free QR Menu

Allow guests to view your menu on their phones with the scan of a QR code like this one here.

Easy to set up, instantly available after signing up.

Connect with Customers

Connect with Customers

Once your QR code menu is set up and being used, Chobble encourages and captures more honest reviews and reactions than your staff can alone.

Gain a competitive advantage by discovering what your customers truly like and don’t like, putting you a step ahead of their other options.

Raise customer spending by increasing customer confidence before they order and making data-driven decisions on pricing.

Evoke referrals by inspiring customers to easily share what they ate and where they had a better experience.

Divert negative reviews into positive and constructive feedback, shifting customers from venting to helping.

Get more butts in seats by displaying the QR Code outside, capturing customer attention before they even enter the restaurant.

Build Loyalty and Brand by building community and making it easy to invite past customers to return.

How it works

How it works

Find the App on the app stores, claim your restaurant and start adding your menu with your phone.

Customers then react and join your community.

Open Chobble.

Get it on the app stores.

Find your restaurant.

Popular ones are already on our list.

Claim your restaurant

in just 3 taps.

Quick & Easy to Start

We’ll give you everything you need to get started! A QR code for your POS is immediately sent to your inbox with all the other design elements you need to get customers engaging with your new feedback program quickly and easily.

Free for Life for 2020

Free for Life for 2020

We want to help during these challenging times and get your business to where it should be. So, we are making Chobble free for life for 2020. Lock-in your QR menu and feedback platform for a lifetime!

Claim your restaurant now!

Improvement Programs with Reaction Insights

Chobble is the first reaction platform for restaurants, collecting data around peoples enjoyment of what they ordered, as well as their overall experience.

Have you ever wondered why, between two seemingly similar restaurants, one is thriving and the other is not?

As it turns out, the reason is easy to measure, and it all comes down to the reactions of customers.

For the better part of the last two decades, reactions have mainly been measured by online customer reviews which replaced paper guest surveys of years past.

With the technology now available in the palm of a customer’s hand, so much beyond reviews is now possible.

By monitoring customer activity, including emotions, Chobble gives a more complete picture.

Chobble also engages guests to help improve what they ordered, encouraging return visits to try revisions, creating a real relationship between the guest and the restaurant.

Within weeks on a Chobble Improvement Program, return customer rates naturally increase, ratings and reviews improve and the transition from struggling to thriving restaurant is easily measured.