For restaurants

Manage Customer Reactions

Chobble quickly captures honest customer reactions by developing a passionate and supportive community around your menu.

Connect with Customers

Connect with Customers

Chobble encourages and captures more honest reviews and reactions than you and your staff can alone.

Divert potentially negative reviews into positive and constructive feedback, shifting customers from venting to helping.

Gain a competitive advantage

Knowing what your customers truly like and don’t like, puts your one step ahead of their other dining options.

Drive more customer traffic

Provide an incredibly visual menu to capture customer attention before they even enter the restaurant.

Raise customer spending

Increase customer confidence before they order.

Make data-driven decisions and confidently increase prices on a per-item basis.

Evoke word-of-mouth referrals

Inspire customers to easily share what they ate.

Build Loyalty and Brand

Chobble builds community and gets people back.

Easily invite customers to return and try improvements.

How it Works

How it works

Find the App on the app stores, claim your restaurant and start adding your menu with your phone.

Customers then react and join your community.

Find your restaurant.

Free for Life for 2020

Free for Life for 2020

We want to help during these challenging times and get your business back to where it should be. To help, we are making Chobble free for life for 2020. We believe all early adopters deserve to be locked in for a lifetime of quality feedback and reactions.

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