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Chobble Creates Raving Fans Around Your Menu.

Quickly set up a QR Menu and easily capture guest info, honest feedback and gets more butts (back) in seats.

A Better QR Menu

Go beyond PDF and basic HTML menus which are often difficult to navigate and slow to load.

Chobble provides an enhanced menu experience and really helps guests figure out what they want.

Plate Rating & Review System

Once your QR code menu is set up and being used, Chobble encourages and captures more honest ratings and reviews than other online review platforms.

Providing a constructive way to collect feedback from your guests diverts negativity and venting away from other review platforms out of your control.

Build your Guest List Easily

Capturing guest information (so you can message them later) starts with the scan of your QR menu code and continues as guests use your menu and rate their items.

Then get "butts" back through the door with notifications sent to past guests' phones. Notifications can be sent for specials, new dishes or revised recipes.

Create Raving Fans

With better feedback, perfect your menu items and build a passionate community around your food.

Following Continuous Improvement best-practices, Chobble allows you to easily relaunch low-performing plates and drinks, and notify reviewers to come back and try them again!

Engage guests to help improve what they ordered, try revisions, and create a real & lasting relationship between the guest and the restaurant.

Its more than just crowdsourcing feedback, its a digital family around your food.

Benefits to your business

Gain a competitive advantage by discovering what your customers truly like and don’t like, putting you a step ahead of their other options.

Raise customer spending by increasing customer confidence before they order and making data-driven decisions on pricing.

Evoke referrals by inspiring customers to easily share what they ate and where they had a better experience.

Divert negative reviews into positive and constructive feedback, shifting customers from venting to helping.

Get more "butts" in seats by displaying your QR Menu outside, capturing customer attention before they even enter the restaurant.

Build Loyalty and Brand by building your own digital community and making it easy to invite past customers to return.

How it works

Find the App on the app stores, claim your restaurant and start adding your menu with your phone or desktop.

Customers then use your menu, review your plates and join your community.

Open Chobble

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Find your restaurant.

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Quick & Easy to Start

We’ll give you everything you need to get started! A QR code for your POS is immediately sent to your inbox with all the other design elements you need to get customers engaging with Chobble quickly and easily.

Free for Life

Our mission is to help restaurant operators succeed, so we want you to have Chobble for free (forever). This offer is valid as long as masks are required in your area.

Chobble's Test Market

Chobble has selected Steamboat Springs Colorado as it first test market. Restaurants in Steamboat Springs receive free menu set-up, training and the latest features to make the most of Chobble.

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